You Choose To Be Light or Dark

#zachariah #yeshua #IAM #listen #nofear #bestill #besilent #observe what is. That which is of the Light is Loving. That which is not is hateful and angry. It is hurtful. It blames and needs to fight and defend. That which is not of Light is arrogant and loud. Look at it. The darkness is not hiding anymore. It is in plain sight. It’s all around. Shit – sometimes we can even see it when we look in the mirror. Why? Because we are a part of all that is and all that will ever be. YOU CHOOSE to BE LIGHT or to Be DARK one moment at a time. At any given moment you can choose to Be Light simply by doing something kind. Opening a door. Giving where you notice a need. Take a walk outside. Breathe deep. Or you can choose to be a negative pain in the ass, contributing to heartache and all the things that dim the Light of this Beautiful Life we get to Live – Right Here, Right Now. #peace Be #delight (he’s talking like a Jamaican Mon) 😂

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