Darkness cannot exist where there is Light

So…I AM following current instruction and as you can tell I am technically challenged. ๐Ÿ˜‚ This kind of thing used to throw me into this international struggle that would piss me off and I would chuck it in the F-It Bucket. Today as I listen to Source through, at this moment, Yeshua aka Jesus is Present, I feel no fustration whatsoever. I thought I finally had this down but clearly I do not. He reminds me – we all have our skills. Is this my skill? Nope….and he finds it humorous. He said โ€œleave it. Let it be. Maybe if we stand on our head they will listen and awaken.โ€ And…so it is.

We were speaking to Yeshua in this session and asking if when we ascend if he ascends as well. The answer was he has reached Love. He is back at One with Source. He states that is where we will all eventually return to. He is asking us to remember this. He asks that we not allow our life force to be used in ways that fuel fear. He asks that we remain focused on our light and that we use it to shine light on light. Make it Bright! Darkness cannot exist where there is Light. #444 Calling all #angels #iam #holdsteady #namaste

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