Be Mindful of the Questions you ask your Children

Be mindful of the questions you ask your children. For example: What do you want to be when you grow up, beloved child of mine?  Doctor, Teacher, Lawyer?  As if a child of  God would have to become anything more than it already is…Divine.

Note: The question is well intended no doubt.  It is simply the choice of words and their implications that require attention here.  All are collectively in the process of intertwining all that already is…therefore all is being refined so that all may begin to see the yellow brick road before us at this current point in time.

Instead this question may be stated as: What do you want to do / create and/or contribute to when you grow up? What do you love doing? What can we do today to make life fun for yourself or someone else today?

Choose your words wisely Dear, Beloveds.

-Y, Z via amg


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