Invoke Divine Protection

“Thou Shall Not Pass” is what I AM calling this video.

Good Morning ♥️s! This is a reminder to take ONE moment to Be Still, Silent and Breathe Deeply, All the way into thy “vessel” body. Invoke Divine Guidance and Protection. Why? Because, There is a whole load of dense lower level energy being released at this time and this energy is dark and heavy. It is literally being “wrung out of the human energetic cellular structure” is how it is being described to me. IF you DO NOT occupy your vessel fully with your LOVE LIGHT energy by Breathing All the way In, this lower level energy can enter your energetic field and cause disease a la chingada within thy vessel! ps…I hesitated in posting this because I fully understand the importance and need NOT to invoke fear. And I KNOW many don’t see what I see when I show/share these sky gazing visions I AM given. My guidance states that we are “beyond” that now. I AM simply to point to it anyway. Stand strong in Truth and Truth is there is a very real need to invoke your protection should you grasp this beautiful vision and this message. If this is completely over your head…please scroll on…for this is not for you at this time. This is for those Awake and Aware that they are Alive and Living Life Here Now. To you awakened ones, my beloved brother Yeshua states “Invoke your Divinity” “Now is the Time” “Do not delay” “It shall be much harder if you wait until the last minute.” ✌🏼 #gratitude

– amg

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