Sit beside me as I heal

I was at my desk when I felt a pull to look outside. There was this beautiful hawk looking at me. I took pictures and video footage of it and asked it telepathically if it was injured. If so give me a clear sign. The hawk started hopping to the lattice right outside my office window and looked at me. Yeah!

Did the drill with no luck. We couldn’t catch it to rescue it. The bird hopped up on a branch. So, I sat on the swing beside the tree and sent it LoveLight. I asked that this beautiful hawk be healed. Divine will be done. Then another big brown hawk came and sat on the branch above my swing. We just sat there in silence together. Me and two hawks sitting in silence holding the love vibe steady for this beautiful hawk.

That’s how it is sometimes. The best we can do is just sit beside each other as we go through it. Providing space for another to rest. Take a breath. Know it is safe to heal without fear. This is what I do when I’m at my best.

I hold space for love to work…♥️

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