The light goes where you go

G-ForceTook a little trip to Lompoc CA to visit my grandson yesterday. Turns out – I feel I see I clean and I clear everywhere I go.  It’s pretty much automatic now for The Light / Divine / /Love / Life goes where I go…because I have asked that it be so.  Many “think” that we visit The Light / Divine / Love / Life from time to time during our meditation moments for example, or when some go to church, or when we get out in nature, or garden, etc.  The Truth is we take The Light / Divine / /Love / Life everywhere we go.

The Divine is with us as we walk about the streets, as we talk about what we choose to talk about, as we do every single little or big thing we choose to do with our precious energy.   Why?Because…just in case you haven’t figured it out yet…we are The Light / Divine / /Love / Life and when you align with it, it works with us, through us, for us…all.

Thank you for showing me everything I AM shown every single day.  Thank you for cleaning and clearing my grandson, his parents and the space in which he dwells. Thank you for cleaning and clearing this concept up for me.  My deepest Gratitude for all the amazing visuals. I AM reminded of just how magical Life is.

My Joy and Gratitude is so full…it runneth over,


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