Divine Introspective Session 35 Self Care and Belief


I am sharing session 35 here because this one continues to hit my heart hard.  The self care theme continues for all, especially for the (((ladies))).  Please listen and pay attention for your own health and well being.


Yeshua tells her she does not really “believe” during this session and I have found this to be true for most people that come for to us for a session (both the religious and the non-religious). We “think” we believe but do we really?  As you listen and watch pay attention to how you feel inside.  Then ask yourself if you are a believer?  Are you?

This session was humbling and beyond profound on many levels for me.  I share this with the deepest of gratitude and love for the BEAUTY that agreed to let us share her session.  May it serve the greatest good of ALL.

All for Now Darlings!

Until the next episode! -amg

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