I asked Archangel Michael about his Protection

Every morning upon awakening, as I settle into my self for my morning practice: Sitting in Silence.  I always call in Archangel Michael (AM) first; I ask that he surround and protect my space so that I may be at Peace while I Sit with Source. He states I AM here beloved, always (just like he always does).

Today, I asked: So do I have to call you in every morning,or are you automatically always here?  AM: Asking allows us to step forward so that you can feel or sense our presence around you.  When you do not ask and go about your daily living and need protection or re-routing (because you’ve moved away from the path of love) we have to get your attention in other ways.  For example, we trip you, make a subtle noise, or come through electrical things. Remember…the light bulbs and power outages?  I smile, because this used to happen to me when AM would come close and I was not listening on purpose. lol

I then asked: How are you able to speak to and help so many simultaneously?  AM: I AM able to assist all simultaneously because We are ALL One, Beloved.  We are of One Energetic Field or Life Source. I AM Thee Light of God. I stand for and represent Thy Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help me God…aspect of Our Source. (A delightful light bulb goes off in my mind) He continues before I can ask my next question: Do you really think a human came up with that all on their own?

The answer is No. No one does anything alone. Life is a collective collaborative co-creation. ALL are assisted while living and if there is action that is to be taken that will affect the many,  ALL involved are surrounded and supremely supported by the higher realms.  Assistance automatically kicks in when action is taken to improve and expand toward the greatest good of and for ALL. The way it works: All thee higher aspects drop ideas into the mental realm and the awakened aspects “boots on the ground” run with it or not (free will).

AM: I AM Electric Blue Light.  I AM that One that holds the line, standing guard:  Anything that is not Divine in Nature SHALL NOT PASS (He gives me a vision of Gandolf the Great).  This is By Divine Decree / Law. I AM thee One aspect of you known as Archangel Michael that represents your Light and your Truth…We literally are One. (I feel his smile as he knows this has finally clicked for me.)

He ends with:

Ask and it is given beloved.  You can call upon me by name anytime.  I AM called forth from within you.  I am the Archangel Michael aspect of you.  I AM you and You are I.  We are One. “You cannot perceive that which you are not” remember that lesson?  Makes sense now? (No pause for my answer because it is known that I do.) Therefore, calling upon me in the morning as you do, brings forth the AM aspect so that it is front and center. Our Light shines from within allowing the human body’s eyes to see Truth: The Divine is in all things. It is the fabric that holds Life as we know it together.  Since what we focus upon expands in it’s own likeness: for example when we are focused on the light, it expands in our life immediate. All the lives that touch ours are also affected.  This is the ripple effect.

The Human mind is a tool: Continue to Master the Mind Beloved. Use it. Do not allow it to continue to be manipulated and used by others for their own profit and greed.  For example: This manipulation which is fear based is what makes many sick, which causes many to support the pharmaceutical industry’s profits which are currently driven by greed.  Why do you think there are so many commercials about illness and the drugs / pharmaceuticals on your televisions?

Even if you are not actively listening, adamantly taking notes (smiles because that’s what I do when he starts relaying information to me lol), your mind is still listening and logging the information at a sub-conscious energetic level.  Me: It’s like being hypnotized in a sneaky / shady kind of way!  AM: Precisely and it certainly is not being done for the greater good of ALL. These drugs are not healing humanity’s dis-ease.  If you do not have a regular practice of clearing the mind of this energetic clutter that your sub-conscious is listening to all day everyday, your life force will continually flow through your human body with dis-ease.

Sitting in Silence clears the mind.  Continue to do this and do it often please.  Me: Thank you for clearing this up for me.  Should this information be shared?  AM: Yes of course.  Truth should always be shared.  One must always remember to take care to sharing information at the level of comprehension that stands before you.  To do so is to show compassion for it is not easy to remember the vastness of all that IS and all that we are.  It is unfathomable to the human mind because we are vast and we are continually expanding and growing in our own likeness.  The Life we are currently experience Now IS the ever present moment merely reflecting this Truth from where you stand. I AM Archangel Michael and I stand in and for thee Truth and thee Light of our God Source.

-via amgslife


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