The Awakening

Cleaning out my phone and found this gem from 2014. Back in the days when I would get woken up with information like this. It would come in right before my alarm would go off and I do mean right before. I would “think” so weird!

If I didn’t write it down right away I wouldn’t remember it which was frustrating because I knew it was good stuff. The information would come in crystal clear making total and complete sense that I was sure I would remember it. I “thought” wrong.

The Point of my sharing this is – If this is happening to you write it down. This is Divine Guidance attempting to reach you. Don’t “think” you’ll remember.

Also, this type of info can come to you any time. You’ll know when it does because it is profound. It’s nothing crazy or scary. It’s Always loving and caring. It’s simply time to wake up so that you can be and do what you came here to do.

I wish I had know this when it was happening to me. Maybe it wouldn’t not have taking me so long to surrender.


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