We are One with Life itself

Took a walk-about through La Purisima Mission near Lompoc California yesterday.

There was this area with One large cross to honor all the Chumash that were buried here in many unmarked graves.

My initial thought was “this is so wrong and disrespectful” I realized I moved immediately into judgement about a time I know nothing about. I have no clue why or what caused the events that played out…what life lessons were learnt here. I was reminded as I snapped this pic, when I saw the rainbow flowing toward the tree…that this is not for me to judge. I silently ask that all souls buried here be blessed and free. I then received: Beloved the Chumash buried here, that were treated as less than, knew better than the ones that trespassed against them. They are honored to have been buried together, believe it or not, for they are One with, in and for-Life. The Tree to the Right honors them more that than that Cross to the left.

Zachariah / Yeshua and amg

Photo taken by my daughter Katrina. When Christ (Rainbow) Light does a drive by to make its presence known.


🙏🏼 amg🌹

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