My Daily way

I AM to share My Daily Way as taught to me by The CCC:

Take one moment upon awakening to sit up, palms up, breathe deeply. Fill the body all the way up with fresh new life force. Breathe is Life. Relax and release and tension in the body as you breathe.

Drink 16oz of blessed water first thing. Guzzle it. This wakes up, flushes and blesses the organs of the body with fresh new life force. Water is Life. Drink blessed water all day long.

All I had was a paper towel when I began to receive My Daily Way. 😂

Eat Life given foods. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds.

Stretch: Morning, Noon and Night

Walk: 30 minutes a day.

Sit in Silence for One Moment: Morning, Noon and Night.

Listen, Read, Learn about Inspired Content.

Clean and Clear where you are Continually:

Repeat: “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you” in your mind all day long. This cleans and clears the mind of thoughts that cause dis-ease.

Look around: if you do not need it or absolutely love (feel love) it, get rid of it. Create clear space.

Breathe Deeply Always. Shallow breath, shallow life. Breath is Life.

Create a statement of Divine Gratitude. Here’s mine, make yours your own.

Thank you Archangel Michael for your Love Light and Protection. Thank you Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene for your Love Grace and Guidance. Thank you Zachariah and Yeahua, All Mighty Archangels, My Warriors of Peace, Master Metatron and your Army of Light, Guardians, Angels, and Ascended Masters for guiding and assisting me on the daily. Beyond Gratitude. I appreciate it…and I know you (All) know just how much I do. I will and I AM. Divine will be done.

This is shared in serve to the Source of My Life Force.


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