The thinning of the veil over the third eye.

It has not been easy for many souls to dwell on Earth within such a dense realm/energetic frequency. Unable to move freely, quickly, and efficiently due to all the static within the human collective energy field. “Static” is the fabric of the so called “veil”. And, thought that is not aligned with, in and for Love makes up the static. Contemplate that for a moment; each and every thought not aligned with love, collectively surrounding you is how dense the veil is over your third eye.

This is why the current call is to clean and clear all aspects of your life.  From your Mind through the body, all the way into all the places in which you dwell; home, auto, work space, family, friends, closet, fridge…etc.  This is ALSO why when you clear the mind of thought you simultaneously clear the third eye’s veil granting and restoring your Divine Vision/Sight.

The moral of this story: Clear Mind = Clear Sight

This information is for those that wish to see the world in which you dwell through Divine Eyes.


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