Conversations with Yeshua

I’ve had so many moments throughout this life-time when I “think” what’s the point.



Everyone is caught up, lost in confusion or they’re literally drowning in alcohol for relief from it all. To which Yeshua responds: Beloved, it was worse when I walked the earth. They were drunk then and many are drunk still. It matters not. Point to Love anyway…♥️ As crazy as this will sound to some, I feel his heart and I know he feels mine too. We have the most amazing chats that remind me of everything I already know. He points out that things are so much better Now…than they’ve ever been before. This I know as well. Then he gives me a visual and fills me all the way up, blowing my mind and cracking my heart wide open with, in , and for the Love of it all. He states “That’s what Divine Love does. It blows our mind and cracks your human heart wide open exposing the sacred within for All to see. You are so much bigger than your body and your personality.

Yep! This is my life these days. 😂 Kinda funny right?!

Anyhow…I am pointing to it here.  This video footage of me on the roof (freezing) at 7AM “sky gazing” as my guides call it. Filming because they would not stop nudging me to go outside and follow my instructions:  To share my visions and guidance associated.

Here goes it:

“The Christ Conscious Collective sends each and every one of us Divine Love. May it surround, Support and lift us up always. Look up, Keep your head up. The wrongs of this world will be taken care of. Worry not. Fear not. Keep your focus on Love. Shine Light on Love. He states it’s getting more and more beautiful from his view point. (Yeshua) Hold steady Lightworkers.  He says we all look like bright stars, it’s like when we look up at the sky and see stars shining back at us.  As Above, So Below.


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