Clean and Clear where you are

This is the Collective task at hand. Now, right where you stand, observe what is. Do you need it? Do you absolutely love it? Answer No to both those questions: Get rid of it, Let it go, Release it. Do this on every level of living from thought, all the way to dense material aka the stuff. Clean and Clear where you are: If you need it and love it, clean it up. Show some gratitude. If you no not need it or love it Clear it out. It does not serve you or the greater good of all good. All that does not serve is in the process of being eliminated. (Is everyone aware of this fact?) If you are attached to it that which does not serve the greater good of all good – you will go out with the bath water…? 😂 idk that’s what they said…how they ended this little message.

TCCC via amgslife

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