I am a puzzle piece.

My guides and angels have been giving me these little visions of puzzle pieces with rainbow light with the messages for some time now.  I came home to find my daughter’s finished puzzle on the table.  It’s a nature reflection picture.  This is looking at it from another angle. (((Trip the fuck out on that!)) LOL 😂 Okay!


The message: Each and every one of us is a piece of the puzzle.  When we vibe love we naturally come together and connect contributing to the big picture.  Stop paying attention to stupid people doing stupid shit.  Vibe Love.  Create something beautiful and useful as you do. Take care of each other.  Feed each other.  Love is the answer…❤️ and Fuck Donald Trump!  That’s me not my guides.  They say to pay him no mind whatsoever. He is playing his part to the T.  I am to focus on my own life force and how I use it. That said.  I say: Don’t be a dip shit.  Share something worth paying your Divine Attention to! Disengage from ridiculous political chaos. Do not give it your energy.

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