Hold the Love Vibe Steady Humanity

img_8879.jpgHold the Love Vibe Steady within YOURSELF. There is an enormous amount of Love and Light pouring in beginning now. All that does not vibrate at the Divine Frequency will be washed away. Eliminated. Holding the Love vibration steady within you will help you get through it unaffected except of course the aspects of you that are not good for you. Kinda funny this is so intense and some of us will hurt deeply but it is what’s best for us. We must become better and we know this. This is after all the destiny of all; to become the very best that we can be. Therefore when we are going way off track and about to crash and burn the place up – The full force of heaven is allowed to intervene. This is a heads up. The Light is intervening and ALL are getting an opportunity to heed the call for the hearts of mankind are currently being scanned. Yeah…♥️. If you “think” I’m crazy – I AM telling you straight up. I AM not. Hold the Love Vibe Steady in your Heart no matter if the world crumbles and burns around you. They are stating that is exactly what shall happen IF we do not become better Human Beings. It has happened before…the end. ( Silence )

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