How to clean and clear the human mind of darkness

G-ForceDarkness fueled by negativity will consume the human mind if one is not vigilant about keeping it clean and clear.

If we notice this darkness in ourselves or in another we are being instructed to call in the experts; The Christ Conscious Collective and together we are to focus Divine Light toward it. All that is not of Love will be exposed so that it can be seen and promptly eliminated. Here is the visual they presented. The Warriors of Love and Light surround it and hold it steady while we together – beings in Heaven and beings on Earth shine light upon it, cleaning and clearing out all that does not serves this Life of ours. *at the very beginning of this video Yeshua appears at the bottom with John to the right and Z above him: if you notice He is smiling – at this ugly head showing itself – like he’s seen an old friend or something. Before I could ask about this, He answered stating that he sees and knows all as they were in the beginning…before all became lost in their own self created illusion that they were less than pure Light or unworthy of Love. He says there are complex things going on behind the scenes. A clean up if you will. He tells me to just hold still and stare right at that which is perceived as “evil or darkness” and it will dissolve right before my eyes. He says I will see it like smoke as they (human created illusions) respectfully leaves my presence. It is Divine Law. 👈🏼 Hmmmm. Needless to say I shall be inquiring about that last comment next…in detail. ✌🏼 – amg

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