This is for the Lightworkers

New Earth Love GridAre we the lost souls of Atlantis? Are we? I wonder then I know, but does it really matter? The choice is the same regardless…🦋 Ascend or not. This is a Source directed collective open to all those that choose to ascend with Beloved Mother Earth. Fear not. You do not have to leave your human form to ascend this time. This is what is so amazing about this Collective Ascension. Nobody has to leave the body behind UNLESS it has not been sufficiently tuned into the Love frequency. It will simply not be able to handle the energetic vibration. This is why everyone and their galactic mother is front and center watching this show. It’s never been done before. Idk – that’s what they’re telling me.

We know what we came here to do – if we really ground down and call forth our Divine Knowing. We know. Each must choose. The choice is yours and yours alone. Continplate and choose soon. This window will not stay open forever…forever exists only in the Ascended Divine Realms.

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