Stay Awake Beloveds


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All hands are on deck – Stay Awake Beloveds. The Great Awakening is upon us now.¬†ūüƨSleeping Beauties, your magic wand is within reach. Keep reaching within the dream. Awaken all the way up, Now!

There is a shadow (?) on the way that will cloud the sky for many (metaphor). Be ready, willing and open to flood the land with light. ¬†In fact, Do this Now! ¬†How? “Shine Light on Light from where you are.‚ÄĚ (?) This will multiply it 10 fold around your Light and the Light you are shining your Light upon.¬†They are stating that this will surround, support and fill Mother Earth up with Love and Light; The Pure Power and Potential of Our Source Divine.

This is new “THE LOVE GRID”New Earth Love Grid

This grid will give her the power / the ability to neutralize whatever negativity or negative damage caused by the gross misuse of power aka Life Force humanity continues to inflict upon her. (I guess this means I need to watch the news and catch up on what‚Äôs happening out in the world? ¬†Ey? They have had me on a News Fast lately. ¬†I haven’t watched the news in months!)

They continue: What is to come is all part of the “choice point” we are currently in. ¬†Will you fall into fear or will you Be Still and align with the Source of your power and be a vessel for Divine Light and Love to flow into this planet? ¬†This is “The Event” – Happening through us, for us, in order to help all living beings including Mother Earth Ascend up and out of the current issues of the world.¬†To do this, One must go inward and retrieve/remember their God given gifts…Love being the greatest among them. Then and only then can One LIFT UP and Out of the current negativity currently…sweeping the sleeping down the perpetual drain.

This is your choice point beloved dreamers.  What will you choose?  Fear or Love.

– TheCollective

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