Yeshua (Jesus) in my ear


I woke up with Yeshua in my ear (Friday morning) with a “tic tic, we have work to do”.  I think to myself: Yes, where to begin?  He responds: Where you are of course.  You begin where you are.  Where else would you begin? (humor vibe) As if this answer is an obvious no brainer.

I pick up my phone and see that it’s 8AM.  I think to myself, wow!  I never sleep until 8! (I’ve been waking up between 3AM and 4AM for a while now)  I then notice that my body is super stiff.  I think, Maybe I got too much sleep? Then it happens…The Voice comes in loud and clear: “It’s always gotta be something ey?” Not sure if he’s trying to be Irish or a gangster. Regardless, This snapped me right out of my useless thinking.

I sit up and do what he has taught me to do. I sit straight up in bed with my legs crossed and set my timer for One Minute.  I intentionally inhale (In Silence) all the way into my body.   I exhale all the way out and repeat this nice and easy.  With every breath, I fill my body with Life Force from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, until I AM filled all the way up.  When the minute is up, I get up to begin my day fully occupying my body/vessel…with a note to self: “Get a massage” with ” This work requires that you be in both dimensions and sometimes the body will get stiff if you are out for too long. (I know that sounds deep, mystic, crazy, idk but this is Yeshua/Jesus speaking and I have agreed to keep my ass out of these messages from The Collective so there it is.) Followed by: “You must take excellent care of your vessel to be in optimal health and have the ability to work with the Source/Christ Light”.

I begin to start my day, heat some water for my morning lemon honey and water tea.  I start to clean up because everyone in this house doesn’t put anything away after it’s used.  We are all very busy creating/living this life!  I then notice…how quiet it is.  I acknowledge how much I love the silence in this house. It makes me feel at home on so many levels. I think: There is no heavy drama… (he inserts) except for the occasional out-of-body experience, near-death experience, or major health crisis…He laughs.  Me: Laughing because I know he is laughing with me and at me I have to add!

Three times! Some people do this drama shit everyday of their lives!  He states: “Yes” (long pause) (longer pause) with the feeling of what it’s like to live the emotions of despair, not knowing, helplessness, and bottom line…fear. “This is what our brothers and sisters are either drowning in or growing from.  This is the reason why we, The Collective (which he is stating includes those of us here on earth doing this work) are here at this point in time.

I have a lot of information coming in and it’s “like rapping fire”.  He seems to be on the gun reference kick.

He is asking anyone and everyone to start asking him questions in your mind.  He’s like “Ask” “Shoot me” “Shoot I’m ready”.

I AM to be consistent with this blog.  Not sure what that looks like yet.  Stay tuned and it will unfold in Divine Order I AM assured.

He reminds me:  You are Life therefore that which is given for Life must be of Life for optimal health and well-being.

This is all for now.  – Yeshua

I wrote all of that info above down so that I wouldn’t forget the details of this tale.  I then went back to cleaning the kitchen.  A little while later, as I’m still cleaning the kitchen, I feel his vibration enter the room.  I look up and see him appear to me dressed as a King reminding me that we begin work at 11:11 AM.  LOL

I love him. I Do, I AM and I Will.  Divine will be done.


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