Lightworkers it is time to awaken the masses

Editing and I AM in awe…💫. I completely understand why I was taken out of life as I knew it. *Prepare to have your mind blown to bits my beloved friends and familia. I have been listening to The Christ Conscious Collective for a very long time now and they are stating that it’s time to awaken the masses. 👈🏼 How? Attention All lightworkers we are to connect to each other, share the information that is being received at this time. Gather together and discuss the Divine. This is important because it will help us remain strong and stable. There are energetic waves that shall be hitting this planet at more and more intense levels to clean and clear away the stubborn lingering darkness in this world. Hold thy vibration calm and steady where you are. We are strategically placed all around the world. As we hold the Divine Frequency within we anchor it down into Mother Earth and Together we ascend with her into the Golden age of Gaia. Choose to Be Love. Choose to be Peaceful. It is your way of being that shall determine whether you ascend into a light brighter more beautiful future world of light or not. I ask what does “not” look like? They state it matters not because I have not chosen that path, then my brother steps in to say “it isn’t pretty”. *In case you are wondering who my brother is – I AM speaking of the one known as Jesus Christ. He states “That is all for now”.

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