Ready to be light Beloved?

Monday Morning Message #MMM: “Its more about what you have to give in life rather than what there is to get for yourself. It is the pursuit of getting that makes life so heavy, for life will give you anything you focus upon. So many of you focus on what you can or would like to get for yourself. “What’s in it for me?” Then you accumulate it along with everything associated with it and carry it around with you (they *the collective find this peculiar and are amused by this, so unnecessary they state). The array of stuff humans lug around is full spectrum. Then you wonder why you feel weighed down and heavy. Over time, of course, you are going to get sick and tired. It’s heavy to carry “everything” around all the time for goodness sake! Stop. Drop it. Take a deep breath and drop more. Just drop it all for one stink’n moment. (Implying that it’s all shit)

Now, BREATHE into the body and how it feels to be free of it all for just one moment. What ever “it all” might be for you. Relax and release the tension in the body by breathing into it. Feel the feeling of…just be-ing.

Now look at all the stuff you dropped…and decide what you want to continue to carry if it’s too hard to leave it all dropped – all at once. It’s okay to drop a little at a time. The more and more you do, the more and more free you are to just be. It feels good and light. This is your natural state of being and it feels like love. Be light while living…Beloved. This is what you came here to be. To Be Light is To Be Love Beloved. Just be.”


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