Let it be easy

Let it be easy. “You have this preconceived idea that Life needs to be or is hard. This is an error in thought. Life is not hard. It is your thought filter that is hard. It is not dark and heavy. This is also your thought filter. Life is Light. It is beauty and it is bright…and it feels like Love. Pure unconditional Love. This feeling is synonymous with profound peace for they reside within the same energetic frequency. Ease and grace reside there too…along with gratitude and well-being. Be still Beloved. Be silent. Trust what you Know.” – Yeshua/CCC

The following is the guidance I have received recently:  There are many that are cleaning, clearing, releasing emotional trauma that has been stored within the human form and DNA. The (Life) Force / Source is flowing in hot and heavy.  This is coming in waves and these waves cause (force really!) the body to recalibrate.  This is because when you release old dense energy (that vibrates at a slow rate) and fill the space with pure fresh energy (fast clear open rate) adjustment is required.  Many may feel dizzy, have flu-like symptoms, anxiety, feel tired, feel like you’re having a heart attack,  feel like you may be dying. Well, Truth is, a part of you is dying.  The part that no longer serves you or Life as a whole. Let it go.  Let it Rest so that you may Be at Peace.

I am currently going through this and I will state for the record (yes, there is a record) that it is a straight bitch.  My blood pressure (which I now know is directly related to Life Pressure) has been through the roof to the point that all regular activities have come to a halt. That is if I CHOOSE to remain in this human form…which I do.  I have much to see and do…still.

Pay attention.  Listen up.  There is an energetic shift happening on this planet at this time and when the wave hits you DO NOT FALL INTO FEAR. You do not have to die aka leave the body..if you take the time you need to be silent, rest / adjust.  The old model of pushing through – will literally kill many of you.  If whatever it is that you needed to take a break from is not there when you are back to 100%, it was washed away by the wave / the Force of Love so that you may receive and enjoy an infinity better life experience.  Let it be.  Be grateful.  Be brave. You cannot fall for your feet are already on the ground.

You are the (heavenly) boots on the ground.  Rest up Now.  You shall soon get the call to collectively light this Mother up. (Not even sure what that means exactly…but the information will come.  It always does.)

This may sound like a whole lot of rambling to the unconscious/sleepy ones but To the light workers that feel this stuff before the mass majority / the collective – know what’s going on: *Yeshua states that we go through it to light the way out for others. We signed up for this gig. Stop your crying and hold the Light Steady.  You are almost there.  Keep asking for our assistance.  Ground down into Mother Earth with Divine Intent. Divine Seeds, Divine Roots, Divine Fruit. This is the mission.

Below is the visual of how the light beings bring me information.

That purple heart is for all the brave hearted lightworkers.


Divine Self Care is the current call.  Message relayed.  Do with it what you wish.

Thank you, I love you, I do.  I will and I AM.

Divine will be done,


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