Divine Projection is called for

When the veil of amnesia is lifted, you allow Divinity to flow through you. You then simply need to hold your vessel steady while the Divine (aka Pure Life) flows into you, through you, as you. You then naturally create heaven on earth. What else would a heavenly being create? Inspired thought will pour forward when your intent is to serve the greater good of all…Life. Now. #focus #divine #divineprotection automatically comes with #divineprojection There is nothing to fear, nothing to fight, nothing to fix. Simply decided what you need and want in this Life and keep your focus on it. Your focus is like water that will grow what you are focused on into existence. #conscious #living #divineforlife #iam #namaste

To those that are actively doing this work already/now – keep up the good work. The line on this pic is the current state of the Christ light being poured in through you. You are rock stars! The stars are rock’n it!…and If the stars are rock’n don’t come knock’n. LMAO ✨ #yeshua aka #Jesuscristo #jesuschrist is so funny! I love him/his vibe. #christconsciousness I used to “think” I was possibly crazy. Now I know I am hearing the voice of Source which comes through Yeshua, the Angels, Archangels, and many other Ascended Masters. It is my honor to assist the Divine in making its Presence Known.


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