The Layers of Divine Existence

Once upon a time there was One. This One split itself in order to see and experience itself. Those split to do the same. Those split to do the same. Then those split and so on and so on and so on.

This brings us to now. LMAO (This Divine Realm is Hilarious – This is Jesus humor, he makes things so easy to understand) So, the farther out the one split the more and more the original reflection of itself it forgot. Well apparently the purest aspects of itself have been crying and suffering inside and the cries and pain has made it all the way back and have been heard and felt by the Original One.

The One has now said enough with the suffering. Some of its most realized aspects have suffered most…in order to reflect an example for the other aspects of itself to see. Enough is enough. Time’s up. It’s time to reel it in. The One is calling all its aspects aka extended layers back…home.

This is what is currently occurring.

The end of suffering

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