Come Back to Center…Zero Point

As you move about your days pay attention to how you feel.  How does your body feel when you are in specific places, around specific people, when you hold or have specific things around you? Everything IS energy and IT holds a specific frequency.  This frequency affects the frequency of your Life Force which effects the health and well being of your body.  IF you want and should therefore intentionally choose to be/ live on this planet feeling healthy and well for the rest of the days of this life(time), you must clean and clear that which vibrates at an unhealthy level, out of your life. 

This begins with you: your thoughts, your words, your deeds.  Do not be so obliviously arrogant to “think” that your creator is not aware of you and what you are about.  As if the Source of your power could not hear, see, or feel you…and that which you choose.  That which hears through your human ears, sees out your human eyes and feels through your human form is thee Holy/Source/Creator/Great…Spirit (whatever name you choose to give it…aka God).  Source is litterally  flowing through your human form. This is how God is all knowing.  You need not go anywhere to confess anything to anyone…God already knows.  YOU already know.

You suffer in dis-ease because you “think” you are separate from your Source but this is not Truth.  Ask yourself: Is this Truth?  Feel it within you.  You Know what is Truth.  You simply need to give yourself space to remember.

If your body is dis-eased…you have been managing your power with dis-ease.  Check this: Do you feel at ease? Are you at ease?  Is your mind at ease?  Is your body at ease? Or do you feel dis-ease?  Are you in a constant state of dis-ease? If so, what do you think your body will reflect back to you?  Bingo: Disease.

Beloved, You are not your body.  You are not your mind.  You are the power within your body.  The power within your body is your life force.  Your Life Force IS Source Energy.  Be silent and still and ask: is this TRUTH?  

Your body is literally the vehicles through which the Divine aka the Creative Power of Life Itself flows to this Earth (THE GARDEN OF EDEN). Be conscious of your expression of your power upon this planet for a clean up from this highest of high shall sweep the lands and IF you should not chosse to express Love, Fear shall pull you farther and farther into the darkness of disease.  Disease is not your natural state.  Love, Peace, Joy, Light is your natural state.  This is why you feel such dis-ease when you do not operate at the level of love.

Fear not for it is illusion.  Simply Be Love, Beloved.

Love IS the answer.  Love is and will forever and always be the answer.  You…are Love.  Be Love…where you are.  Do this and You…become the answer.  When you are the answer, there is no question.  There is no problem. 

There is nothing to fight, nothing to fix, nothing to cure.  It all goes back to the nothingness that it is…to the One…the zero point.  It goes back to the point of pure power potential: Pure Love and Light of Life Itself.   

If you feel yourself becoming sucked up in fear…state inside your mind, I choose Divine Love therefore  I choose to Be Loving.  I choose Divine Joy therefore I choose to be Joyful. I choose Divine Peace therefore I choose to be Peaceful. Beloved, The keys to the kingdom are in your be-ing.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  The time has come, Divine will be done.  Choose wisely Beloveds and. It’s as easy as Love or Fear. – CCC

*The , All I hear inside my mind is a lyric to a song on repeat?…“I’m coming home” and I have absolutely no fear attached to the feeling/knowing as it floods me from the inside out…for at this moment I know for sure…home is a state of being, not a place.  Home is here and now.   


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