How will Your Story End?

The words that flowed into my ear as i got ready for work a few days ago (after getting maybe 2 hours sleep) directly following my crying my heart out in the shower. “How will your story end? Will it be an epic tragedy or an epic triumph yet written? (Long pause. Silence) It’s your choice you know. Always has been, always will be. You get to decide. You put your order in via thought word and deed and Source Divine will make it so. Do you still not realize the creative power at your disposal Dear One? Disposal, Disposal..(sounds like an echo) do you think it garbage?”

Me: What? Here’s a news flash: contrary to popular belief Source Divine and all the Angelic helpers are not full of that mushy gushy kind of love stuff. Nope, although they do Love Unconditionally, they do so through the Light of Divine Truth and the Truth is, sometimes it feels like tough love…to me.

The Divine provides assistance via clues I call bread crumbs from heaven. The point, it’s up to us to follow the clues. They cannot live our life-contract for us. It is our life to live, our agreement with Source Divine. They simply support us as we live it, however we choose to do so. That’s how much we are loved. They will support our living in whatever manner we choose.

Divine Guidance continues: “Now, would be a good time to give up the illusion that you are in control of how Life unfolds/presents itself before you. You are NOT in control of how Life unfolds. Life…Divine, is in control of how Life unfolds. Everything is exactly as it is by Divine Design and you are exactly where you need to be. There are no mistakes. There is nothing to fight and nothing to fix. All is always well. Relax, let go. Surrender some more. Allow what Is…To Be. All you need do is show up and BE 100 % Present with a clear and open mind. This allows the greater presence that IS the greater (Divine) you…freedom and room to work. When you’re done (crying), because at this point I’m crying again, we can continue.” Andale. I “think” ok.

I choose: Epic Triumph. “So be it and so it is.”


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