How to Heal

Relax deeply into thy human form. Breathe Life…all the way into the Body from head to toe. Occupy the body totally and completely. As you breathe in, notice any tight spots. If you find one, focus upon it, deep inhale and hold. Exhale, release into it. Settle into it. Relax into it. Repeat.

This is how you dissolve the tight spots which are nothing more than cluttered static (useless, compulsive, clingy thoughts/crap) accumulation in your energetic body.

Inhale, breath in pure, fresh, clean, clear, Life…Force (Divine Creative Power / Energy / Prana) into every cell of your body. Settle in, for you are the breathe and the power that gives thy human form Life. You are the Life…within the body. Relax inward and feel / know this.

Inhale. Exhale: State (within the silence of your Mind: I AM happy, healthy and well. Inhale, Exhale: State: I AM healed within. So within, so without, and so it is.

🙏🏼 Amen

Be well.

Divine Love

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