The Divine Vibration of Nothingness

The more I listen in silence, the more I realize that these messages and visions that seem to flow through my mind and body from out of nowhere, are actually deeply encoded truths that have always been within the depths of my life force.

My greatest challenge these days is finding the words to describe the information I feel/perceive…for words are so limiting for this source of information. I then feel this vibration wash over me that feels like gentle amusement followed by what I perceive as the voice of source:

I AM the ever present Divine Presence of Life itself within your human form. I AM the power within and behind all the roles you have chosen to experience eg…mother, father, daughter, sister, brother, friend, writer, artist, etc. I AM your truth. I AM your excellence. I AM your Divine Intelligence. I AM the One that calls you from within…to remember the power of which you are from. I AM the One that calls you to awaken and become aware of the essence of your very being. I AM the One that calls you to align with all that I AM.

Be still Beloved…and know. I AM you and you are I. Be still and feel that I AM the power that IS you. Together we are Thee I AM presence in human form.

And then…there is nothing….only silence and the profound knowing that I am deeply loved by this vibration / frequency…and I AM deeply in love with this Life…Divine. I AM.

Dwelling in this frequency blows the cellular structure of my mind and body to smithereens and I realize that I AM nothing and nowhere all at once…and yet I AM part of all that is and will ever be.

Right here, right now…I AM…The Divine Vibration of Nothingness…and I know I absolutely love it.

Be Still.


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