Shifting Humanity

Be gentle with yourself Divine Ones.  It is not easy to release that which you have been piling on and carrying for years.  It needs to be released a little at a time.  As you do, you are given a grace period to adjust.  Then you will be called to relax and release a bit more.  Depending on how quickly you adjust meaning practice becoming able to hold steady at the more Divine aka relaxed clearer lighter frequency, the quicker the next call level of release comes in.  This is to shift.  Important to know:  If you were to release it all at once, you would not shift. You would shatter.  So relax Divine Ones.  Enjoy the process of release/surrender.  Everything is exactly as it needs to be.  Rest and Relax.  Be gentle…with yourself.  Allow yourself to let it all be.  Enjoy the Present.  That is your one and only current assignment.  Breath and Allow…what is…To Be.

This is the message that came in this morning and on my way to work I ended up behind a car with a license plate that said SHIFT.   Go figure!  (Picture is blurry.  Probably because it was confirmation meant for me.) Then Lite Up.

Take it as you will. Message relayed.

💛 amg

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