You are Divine Love and Light

Through this Angel of Divine Love and Light, The Voice of Source Says:

You are Divine Love and Light.  This is who and what you truly are.  The way that you access your own Divinity is, by asking the Divine questions quietly inside yourself.

Do this: Sit quietly, take a deep breath and ask the Divine questions inside your own mind.  Ask the Divine, all your best and most important questions. (Best have paper and a pen ready because you will want to write it all down.) You will get your answers for, Ask and you shall receive, is Divine Law. Divine Law is also, Ask and it is Given.  This is need to know information: Every thought you think quietly inside your own mind is a direct Ask to the Divine Source; The Creative Power of Life Itself.

Don’t believe it? Look around. You are a major part of the collective co-creation you find yourself in. This is why many are saying wake up. Wake up to your contribution to this collective co-creation. Are you awake? Are you conscious? Ask yourself Am I Awake? Am I Conscious? Am I?  If, I Am, is not, your immediate answer already, it’s time to wake up! It’s time to remember your Truth and allow yourself, to be, the living, breathing, expression of, Divine Love and Light. It’s time, to be, who and what you came here to be. Enjoy it.



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