For the Lightworkers Oct 2017

The time of strife is over…Divine Ones / Lightworkers. You made it. You can now relax…unwind, detach from any and all old structures.

It is time now to rest, release, re-evaluate, regroup, realign anew….if you will. Put your own healing first. Quiet the Mind. Breathe, Be Still, Be Silent. Allow Divine Consciousness to fill every cell of your being. Enjoy living. Soak it all in.

Give what you came here to give and receive what you came here to receive. There is nothing to fight…now. There is only to be…and Allow. This period is from now until approx October 2018. Dwell in it. Revel in it. Allow what is…To Be to unfold before you.

Rest, Relax, Eat Well, Workout, Build Muscle. Enjoy and Create with ease.

Know that it is known how difficult it has been for your emotions (energy in motion) have been felt at all levels / in all realms. So much so that your emotional cries have made it all the way back to Source. Hence the reason for This Grace Period. This is is a Gift from Source. Enjoy.

Divine Love & Light,


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