Fragmented Aspects of Your Divine Self are in the Process of Being Called Home

20Sept2017 – Wednesday – 1:11AM – received the following:

Divine Ones,

What is happening at this time is; different fragmented aspects of your (energetic) Self are being called home by the Source of your Life Force aka God.  This is happening automatically by Divine Design…the more and more therefore the better you get at living at the frequency of Divine Love and Light (your natural state of Be-ing).

The impression I AM given is; It’s like one of those retractable extension cords. 

These fragmented aspects are energetic attachments personally made to people, places or things from the past and/or in your present Life. These attachment are the ties that bind you to your mistakes and/or the mistakes of others and they are the main reason you have felt as if you were less than or unworthy to invoke or fully access your own Divine Creative Power.

This is the visual I was shown:  Surrender is the only state that will help as the Divine aspects of your self return to the whole of who and what you are with ease and grace. 

Resist Nothing. Force Nothing is the instruction / practice especially when you feel pressure within your body. They state it’s like shifting into a deep state of neutral. 

More to come on this topic. I’m sure of it.  


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