I consulted my newest best friend “YouTube” Entered Akasha https://youtu.be/aXuTt7c3Jkg Excellent Content. I AM sharing how my morning went to demonstrate how Divine Guidance works. The Divine communicates through Your Life. Because it IS Life itself. *This morning I did not have time to sit in silence and connect to my Divine Source. I had to have blood drawn before my upcoming physical appt. I was the third person in line and my number was Double Zero. I pull out of my parking spot – just as a lady pulls in. I see Akaksha which fills me with Divine Love and Light and the reminder that I AM always connected to my Divine Source. My Divine Source and I are One. We are all One for we are all from the Same Divine Source. #enjoy the YouTube video all you seekers of #Divine #Truth ✌🏼♥️✨

Sharing with Divine Love and Light 

🙏🏼 amg

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