Lightworkers do not attempt to operate on your power alone 

These are the words that woke me up in the middle of the night: “Do not attempt to operate on your power alone.”

I sat up and took a deep breath to settle into silence in order to ask for more detail – I ask my Divine Team to step forward and hold the space of Divine Protection. I then sense and see many light beings standing beside and behind me. This vision reminds me of a mantra I received:  Heavenly angels above and below, walk here beside me to where I must go…before I can finish, the intensity of this makes me break down and cry.  I’m not talking tears, I’m talking big baby water works like a deep heart ache cry.  I start “thinking” holy shit, what is happening, am I imagining this?  I hear:  Remain in the state of not knowing.   Me: But, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do.  I hear:  ASK.  Keep asking:  “How may I best serve Life?  What requires my attention right here, right now?”

Then it really starts to flow in as a message for the Lightworkers: Are you breathing into the body?  You must occupy the body fully to serve Life at the Divine level.  You must breathe…Life…into every cell of the body.  This settles you into the human form and helps you remain grounded in the physical realm so that you may breathe more…Life into it.

Practice: Sit quietly for one moment (often).  Set timer.  Do not try to do anything. Simply Be…Silent. Relax into Silence.  Surrender…into Silence.  Just Breathe.  When timer goes off after one moment, take a deep breath and exhale.

I then see purple sparks of light flash in front of me.  Followed by: Remember, Breath is Life.  Without it the body dies hence the reason for intentionally breathing into every cell of your human form.  You must do this to maintain optimal health and wellness.  Remember, You ARE the Breath…of Life.   You are not the Body.   You currently occupy a body.  You are not the mind.  You currently have a human mind.  Practice so that you may master the mind.  Set the mind with Divine Intent.  Give it specific commands.  Remind it who you are: “I AM Divine Love.  I AM Divine Peace.  I AM Divine Truth.  I AM Divine Light.  I AM Divine Life.  I AM.”  This will keep you connected to your Divine Source/God and keep the power much greater than your own flowing through you.

May sharing this assist.

Looked at my phone when the message stopped and it was 3:33 AM.  Go figure.



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