I AM the vessel holding the pencil for the Artist Divine 

I’ve been like a baby that has her days and nights mixed up. Can’t sleep for more than a few hours at a time. Sitting back dwelling in the Divine Vibration that came with drawing this beauty. Asking what she was showing me. I then looked at the stack of pics…and thought WTF and I supposed to do with all these drawings?! Then shit got still and I saw it. The shadow. I “feel” like this Light Being is the one helping me draw my visions. Then I get a whole bunch of stuff about the alien / divine light being confusion. Mind blown to fucking smithereens…✨ The End. ✌🏼 There is nothing to fear. Straight up #truth  

I left the house to unplug and give my blown mind a chance to reassemble….and see this. “Holy Smoke” – Then I receive “When the human mind is blown and you have no idea what to think…it’s best not to.” 

I take a deep beautiful cleansing breath and simply observe – yes, this IS my life and this IS happening. I AM a 48 year old grown woman that bitched and complained for too many years about not being able to draw the visions I was shown. Now, I have been an artist for the Divine Realm for a little over 1 year and Source Speaks to me, through me…for Life.  This is my Truth. 

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