How to Align with the Divine I AM Presence of Life within

How to Align with the Divine I AM Presence of Life within:
Step 1. Be Still….Now.
Step 2. Become Aware of the energy within you….your Vibe. (It’s like finding your pulse) Be Still and Feel it…just sit with it and feel the vibration.
Step 3. Awaken to the fact that the Vibe you are feeling within you is the Power of LIFE itself and YOU are currently LIVING it. You are currently directing it.
Step 4. Align your SELF with it. Kick back in it, Relax into it. True Alignment is knowing that the energy inside you is the essence of who and what you are…it is the power of your being…without it you would not BE living this life at all. All that would be left, without the power inside you, would be your lifeless body. The power within you is what is giving your body Life.
Once you get that….start observing what IS. Just witness what is going on around you. Pay attention to the thoughts that flow through your mind. Don’t judge them, analyze them, or attempt to change them. Just pay attention to what they are about. Stay with the realization that you are not all those thoughts…you are separate from your thoughts. The real you is the energy observing them.
Now, Pay attention to what is presented before you. Just witness…Just Watch. When you can witness what is happening without judging, analyzing or attempting to change it – you shift out of the human illusion and away from human suffering….you shift into a more spiritual way of being. A way of being that does not contribute suffering and dysfunction. A way of being that has Faith in the Power of Life because you can remember that this Divine Life Force is flowing through everything that is alive. It knows where to go and what to do…we just need to get out of the way.
To remain Aligned takes practice. Throughout the day ask yourself: Am I Awake? Am I Aware? Be Still and Listen. Listen means to pay attention to what you Feel inside as you go about living your moments. Go back to Step 2. Become Aware of your Vibe. Feel it. Be with it. Now Step back into it and Align with…the Divine Presence or Vibration of Life energy inside you. Now Observe. The more you do this, the faster it becomes to realign and after a while maintain alignment. This is the meaning of being centered. You are centered in your Power. Practice is necessary to pull your power back from becoming lost in whatever thought patterns take you out of the present moment aka out of alignment with the Divine Presence within you.
The moment you pull your awareness back to the present moment and begin to stand back and observe again – you let go of whatever unnecessary thing it was you almost contributed to keeping alive or creating into manifestation. When you become centered with the presence of the Divine Creative Power of Life itself within you – You no longer have any need what so ever to engage in lower level vibrations aka ways of thinking and being because they don’t feel anywhere close to the amazing feeling you dwell in when you are aligned with the Source of your Power and flow through living at that Divine Frequency or level. It feels like you’ve finally made it Home. To feel like you’re Home while in physical form is to be consciously live out the Power of Life Itself is to truly Live the Experience of Life….The experience of YOURSELF. It really is a Gift. Hope this little insight shared helps you…Be you.
Eternally thankful that I can feel the vibration of Divinity within…In this Moment, I AM Home.

#Namaste Loves

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