Saint Francis


There is no going back.  There is only moving forward within Divine Love.

To do so, one must slow down and get to know ones own Divine Nature.  To understand it one must observe the natural flow of ones own Life.  Observe the way it continually unfolds. Feel its natural flow toward Divine growth and expansion; The unconditional expression of Divine Love. This is the natural flow of Life itself.

Surrender to the Life being lived. Fall deeply in love with the flow of it.  Trust it.  It knows what it’s doing.  Observe what is presented and respond with pure unconditional Divine Love.

The red cardinal is a symbolic reminder of ones spiritual connection.  It is a reminder of ones own Divine Intelligence; To be Divinely Conscious of ones own Divine Nature. Remember: Divine Love can heal in the blink of an eye.  Watch thy thoughts, words and beliefs.  Eliminate everything negative, including words of gossip, doubt and fear.  Know thy goal and focus upon it wholeheartedly.


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