The Golden Feather


I have been finding feathers left and right lately.   As I fell asleep I asked: What’s the deal with all these feathers?  I woke up at 1:11AM on, I believe it was April 19th, with a vision of a white feather floating in the air.  It was so bright and beautiful that I got up to draw it.  It turned out to be a Golden Feather.

As I finished it up I sat there thinking; what the heck?  I drew a feather?  As the rest of the world sleeps I am up drawing a feather?  Why?  Here is the message that I received:

  • The quickest way to solve it all: if it isn’t Divine in Nature drop it. Give it no attention whatsoever.
  • To love and be loved. That is what everyone needs and wants at the most sacred level.

I went back to sleep until my alarm went off a few hours later.  While in the shower I had a heart to heart with the Divine: I stated that I know I AM hearing spirit and I know that these visions mean something at a sacred level but I don’t know what to do with it all. I really need to talk to someone. I need a guide in physical form (because God knows I have a shit load of them in spirit), like a shaman or someone who knows what I’m talking about or has experienced what is happening to me.  I need to talk to someone who remembers!

I then hear:  I AM your Shaman.  (in that deep booming voice – the one that spoke to me the day I almost lost my body in the river) I ask who are you?  I AM Great Spirit and you need only to RELAX…and LISTEN. Relax as you continue to surrender. Relax into Surrender. There is great resistance burning off. The deep emotion you are and have been feeling is a part of this burning off/release.  This is similar to what is happening on Mother Earth.  Not only are you shedding your own tears but you are shedding the tears of the ancestors. The tears that they kept inside in an effort to be brave and show strength to the eyes of the future generations.  There is much in the process of releasing at this time. Many are experiencing this release.  Allow what is bubbling up to the surface…to be. Do not judge it, simply observe it. This is bubbling up to the surface in order to be observed and released.  Observe all that does not serve all…and release it.  Then, keep putting your attention back on what is Divine in Nature/by Nature as you live. This will allow you to continue to soar. We are One…like two birds of One Golden Feather.

Then I cried and cried and let it all go down the drain. May sharing this serve the Great Spirit within us all.


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