• Believe in and express Divine Love. The second coming is not literal.
  • The second coming is Christ Consciousness expressing itself through the masses. IMG_8175Not in mass but by the masses in the moments of everyday living.  This is to occur through the people, for the people. Basically we must walk the walk.   
  • See that medallion – that is the Love Grid.  As each and everyone of us uses our power with Divine Intent projecting Divine Love out into our little space in the world we contribute to the health and healing of humanity and our earth 🌏.

I hear the Divine, I see the Divine and by the grace of God I can now draw the Divine. It’s time to  Be Still and Listen up.  This realm gets Loud and Clear when we (humanity) head for danger. ✌🏼 Message relayed. 🙏🏼   Do with it what you will.

This vibe is so beautiful.  It brings me to tears to look at it.  The suffering this being endured to bring Humanity Divine Messages…is beyond my comprehension.  I am humbled and honored to feel and sense this being’s presence.  Grateful is not big enough a word.

Vibe @ Divine Love,


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