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Message received Feb 01, 2017: What’s your message?  I silently ask this guy as he shows up on my paper. He gives me this: “I’ve come to say that there will be No More Messages, you people don’t listen anyway.”  Totally dry vibe too.  I continued drawing and asked: really? No more messages?  AM I hearing this clearly?  I direct this toward my guides and angels.

He steps up again with “Yes, No More Messages….then nothing. Just silence. About 30 seconds later….hysterical laughter. “Jokes. There is a deep need to lighten up. So many, so serious. Caught up in the many dramas, playing their way out, at this time.”

Divine Guidance: Let it Be. Allow what IS…to be. You are exactly where you need to be…to best serve LIFE aka The Divine. There are no mistakes.

*The call is to hold steady. Relax.  Allow what is…To Be. Trust Life. Be still. Be silent. Stand down. Allow the chaos to play out around you. Just hold thy Life Force at the most Divine Frequency you can currently manage.  Hold Steady.


I like this guy.


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