Divine Projection


Taking the latest down off the walls and I get to this guy and I AM sucked into the moment becoming 100% present. I hear/sense:

“What makes a place Sacred?  Your Divine Desire to make it so.  Make the space in which you stand/dwell Sacred.”

“What do you honor most in life?  Do you honor Life…as you live it?  Do you honor all that it provides to assist in the growth and expansion of your Life experience?

Honor Life and Life will Honor you…for…you are children of Life. You are “all” children of the Divine Power of Life itself.  All pieces of the power that creates in its own image aka projection. Therefore as you project, you create in that image.

I ask you: What are you projecting?  Is it Divine in Nature?

You are Divinity in human form for a very short time and …you know this…inside. Do you not?  Know this?  Yes. Yes you do. This is thee main reason you have so much trouble with Meditation. You cannot quiet the mind. You cannot be silent for even one single moment. You are too busy.  There is too much chatter in your mind. This keeps the door to your Truth locked down tight…doesn’t it?

Do not “think” for one moment that your thoughts words and actions go unnoticed. As if the power/creator of all that is and will ever be could ever “not know”.  The only one you are fooling is you.  Not only is it all noticed but it is all recorded In The Great Hall of records.

Yes, what you think, say and do…the entirety of your very way of being as you Live the Divine Power of Life…becomes your contribution to The Big Book of Life.

If you are still avoiding or pretending that you don’t remember therefore know this Truth, go within that Temple called thy human form and ask.  All Truth resides within the silence.  Silence is your key into the kingdom.  It is home and yes, you are Divine Royalty.  Dwell within thine own silence often so that you remember why you took this trip.”

“You are One.  One Life Force.  One Love.  One Light.  One Tribe.

Take care of each other:

To the Indigenous people of the land. The Divine Realm hears your call and rest assure, Mother Earth is doing well.  Continue the Divine Projection toward the vision of what is to be.  Continue to Honor Truth.  Water is Life.  Remain Focused.  Hold the Divine Projection Steady.  This action on your part has and continues to hold the door open for the kingdom to assist.  Mother Earth is doing well.  We are thankful and we honor your efforts.  Continue warriors of the Light.  Divine Projection.  Hold Steady.”

I AM the Collective Christ Consciousness.”


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