Saint Germain

Remember thy Truth – Invoke the “I AM.”

img_7133Some are content with observing and discussing all the wrongs in people and in the world. But I AM not and “I” AM you. I is your surname. “I” AM the Divine within you; the real and true (essence of) you. “I” AM interested in the growth and expansion of all things Divine (excellent and delightful) in and about Life. For I AM Life and all that is reflected within it.

I AM you and you are I.  We are One.  It is time now to awaken the Divine within.

– The Divine/Source via Saint Germain

He continues with: People will search for a guru until they remember that they are the guru.  I AM here to remind you that you are the guru.  You need not search outside your own being.  Look within.  You are the I AM.  You are the master and creator of your own life.  Do not allow yourself to become distracted therefore give your attention (Divine Creative Power) to those that could be the cause of the down fall of a great nation.  Remember thy Truth.  Invoke thee I AM.  Be the Master of your own Life.  To be a master of your life you must access the master within.  Invoking the I AM is how.

Practice:  Look around.  Observe what is.  Release judgement.  Now put all your attention on what you really need and want in and for your life.  Everything else is to be given to the most beautiful violet rose your mind can imagine.

When it starts to appear it looks like it’s on fire because it looks to me like it’s spinning super fast.  Ask Saint Germain to assist you in seeing it.

This beautiful rose’s violet light is a gift from the Divine.  (7th ray)  Release any and all worry, negativity, pain or fear to it.  It will by the Divine’s will be – transmuted therefore released, allowing it to return back to its natural Divine state or frequency.  The purpose of this gift is so that you may be free to enjoy the sweetness of living Life.  This is what the Divine wants for all.

I AM Saint Germain


img_3556Oct 2016 he came to me and I posted to Instagram @amgslife: So this is St Germain and its kinda funny that he came through looking like Father Time. He’s making a point (that sucker) because he is forever young and handsome. He’s making the point that Humanity’s lower level ways are getting old and time’s up.

Now, for those that will trip on the fact that I called him a sucker – simmer down. He’s cool. He makes me feel like we are old friends. Like I know him from another time. Immediately it comes to me that we used to kick it together in Atlantis and..this sucker made me draw him twice today to get his coat right…✨- #saintgermain Yea, that’s my Truth.



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  1. I Am that I Am… and so it is. 🙂

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