Archangel Michael

img_1755I’ve been asked a lot lately, how I know that it’s Archangel Michael that’s helps me.  I immediately think; I just know.  I mean, how could I not know?  LOL  Which quickly…throws me into “better check and make sure you aren’t crazy” mode.

So I go inward and ask: How exactly do I know?  I know because I feel it.

Archangel Michael has always been present for as far back as I can remember.  I’ve always just known he is but a thought away.  His vibe or energetic frequency is intense to put it mildly.  He holds the pure power of Divine Truth, Love and Light.

When Archangel Michael comes in close you’ll know it.  The energy in the room shifts and the energy within you vibrates more intensly.  There is absolutely no doubt about it when an Archangel steps up and Michael’s vibe is the one of the strongest I have felt.  His energy actually makes lights flicker.  When I used to draw in my room, he would make my TV go fuzzy or freeze when he came in.

These days, when I AM being of service to someone (sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly) I will notice that my right shoulder blade begins to vibrate.  This happens as he comes up close behind me.  I know this feeling as a signal or sign from him letting me know that “He is present and it’s ok to relax and go into a deeper energetic level/channel/or frequency to receive information that will be helpful to the person I AM working with.

This Morning:

As I brush my teeth,  My shoulder blade start to vibrate.  I ask in my Mind – So…IS this Archangel Michael or not?  What’s the password? (joking)

I sense a solid Yes.  Followed by: I AM Archangel Michael.  I respond with “Thank You” filled with a gratefulness that my words will never be big enough to describe how grateful I truly AM.  I repeat, Thank you for your presence and protection.  Thank You for shining the light so that I may see Divine Truth clearly to better be of serve.

Archangel Michael:  Dear Ones, especially those that are or have awakened; you “think” you are serving the Divine Realm, but it is the Divine Realm that serves you.  You are the ones currently in the trenches.  You are the ones emerged in the human illusion of time and space.  You are the ones that can look around and see what is needed.

The entire Divine realm is on stand by, waiting for the call/chance to assist you.  The Divine Realm is at your beck and call.  All are at your service. Always ready and willing to help, support and protect you for all the days that you live your human life.

It is we that thank you.  It is we that are at your service.  Call upon us more.

I AM Archangel Michael.

Then the vibe stops and I carry on being my normal self.  (LOL)  It always blows my mind that this realm is thankful to us.  Go figure.

So that’s how I know in a nut shell.

*He showed up for me when I first began to draw looking all sad but that was just to bring in the message of that day and show me a newer aspect of his vibration letting me know that an army of warriors were stepping up to assist humanity.

He usually shows up as a bright long pilar of light or as beautiful blue sparks.

Above:  His face came in looking sad.  He was telling me that they feel our struggles and want us not to lose hope or get lost in fear.  He was relaying the message that we must ask for assistance.  We must Ask.



Call on him and you’ll see and feel him for yourself.  He is available to all simultaneously.  That is how badass he is.  No joke.



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