Attention Lightworkers

  • When Mother Mary comes to me…I know I AM being called upon to Listen and Follow Divine Guidance. I will state for the record…this is not always easy.  For example – My Truth is: When I Listen and Follow I begin to feel the beauty and intensity of the Divine Frequency within my human form.  This sensation always makes me “think” I – My human self: Ann-Marie Gonzalez – might die soon.
  • My guides and angels always assure me that I AM not going to die right this minute. In fact, they state that I AM eternal Life therefore I will never actually die.  They say I feel this way because the Divine Vibe/Frequency reminds me of my home.  The Divine Vibe/Frequency IS our home.  It’s what we go back to when we leave the body and the details of this lifetime behind.  It goes like this:
  • When our contract for living this life is up we return to our pure energetic state/self…also known as the higher self, God part or spark. We basically go back to Being One collective energetic body of Divine Creative Power: The Force or Source that many call God/ The Divine / Universal Power, etc.  The name matters not.
  • So, this morning I was woken up at 3AM. Not by the light of an angel or by words, I was simply wide awake.  I AM not the type to toss and turn and try to sleep because I “think” I should be sleeping.  I AM the type that trusts life and if the life force within me is wide awake at 3AM, I know there is a reason.  So I get up and I AM Still and I Listen.
  • Here is the information I received this morning: Your earthly home and possessions are temporary Dear Ones.  The only thing you get to take with you when you leave is the power you came in with.  This is the power you use to live along with the record of exactly how you did it….in very specific detail…from any and all viewpoints. (There is some food for thought…que no?)
  • All the bullshit people think is important: The home, the cars, the education, the job, the_________________ (fill in the blank) are beyond irrelevant.  These are all just things you get to have and enjoy during your lifetime.  Truth is: You can have and do anything you wish Dear Ones.  Your own thoughts are literally your only limits.  This is but one of the many Truths you are in this living cycle to remember.
  • What really matters is your way of being. What matters is how you used your life force/creative energy while living.  What matters is how you contributed to Life as a whole:  The Divine Creative Power that IS Life itself.
  • Each and every one of you is a part of this Divine Creative Power/Life Force. You all make up the collective energetic body of Life itself.
  • Truth is:  All is One.  One Life.  One Power.  One Creative Force.  One Love.
  • This is something you all know inside but because there is so much outside distraction you have gotten completely caught up and lost in it. This is because you don’t take any time to Be Still and remember/know thine own Truth.  It is time to remember…Now.
  • There is a strong and steady call from the Divine Realm for Stillness and Silence.  Pay attention.  We are in a choice point window.  We get to choose to create and contribute to the manifestation of a much better more Divine (excellent and delightful) future or continue as we’ve been and continue to contribute to the manifestation of dysfunction and disease.
  • Note: The current news and main stream media makes it seem as if the majority of humanity is dense and stupid but this is not the whole Truth. Yes this is true for some but not for all.  Truth is: The majority of humanity is not dense at all. There are many highly evolved beings walking the planet at this time doing their work quietly.  They are doing what they came here to do…which is to assist the spiritual evolution of humanity.  They are aware that the best way they can contribute to this is by maintaining/holding the Divine Frequency steady within themselves.


  • Special message to those that know or suspect that they are Lightworkers:
    • You must not get lost in the drama and chaos the lost ones are creating.
    • And….It is extremely important to Be very consciously cautious not to judge.  Simply allow what is…to be, and remember that all is always well.
    • Remember, when you judge you create ties that bind you…for judgment implies a lack of understanding. Lack of understanding triggers thy Life force to create a lesson for you, so that you may understand what it’s like to live from the others point of view.  For to truly understand – One must experience it first hand.
    • Do not touch that which you do not want to experience personally with judgment…or you will sign yourself up for the lesson.
    • Be Still and Hold the Divine Frequency Steady within you. You are doing better than you can see from your limited view point.  Trust what you sense/know.  We are here.  Keep asking for assistance.  Keep your focus on your own work…your own Divine Expression…which of course is your own contribution to the Source of Life itself.
    • You are Loved Beloved…you are never ever alone and you are always protected.

There’s a whole lot of information in this blog post I know…but apparently we are at a collective “need to know” state and need to hear it.  These sketches are of those that surrounded me as I received this information.

That’s all for now.



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