Is this the best you can do?

As I was driving in to work this morning I noticed the string tied around my wrist…which brought a memory into the present of a vision that woke me one morning, about 6 months ago.

It began with a beautiful golden light that formed into who I perceive as Jesus.  He was absolutely beautiful and radiated pure Love and profound Peace.  His clothes were literally made of light.  He showed me this string with two knots and a golden bead in the middle that could slip back and forth between each knot.

He gave me the impression (Because there are no words when the Divine communicates.  It’s all telepathic communication consisting of visual flashes of pictures or symbols that trigger an emotional sensation inside – which we put words to) that I AM that bead.   He impressed upon me that We ALL Are.

The string represents our Divine Cord that is eternally connected to the Divine Source of our power as we go along living this circle or cycle of Life.  One knot represents the heavenly realm.  The other knot represents the earthly realm.  We are the bead in the middle symbolizing that we are the bridge between heaven and earth.  This is something that we need to remember as we live life…hence the reason I created it.

I look ahead as I contemplate this and read the words on the truck in front of me:  “Sky –”.   Then the voice hit me with a question: “Is this the best you can do?”  My answer completely automatic – answered No.  I immediately “thought” WTF?  Really?  Am I not – doing the best I can do?   Then, all i get is Silence.  I think – oh, where’s the voice now?  I sit with this question for a bit and then I just know…this is Truth.

I know I am capable of infinitely better on all levels of my life.  I also know that I have no idea what that means exactly or what that looks like, but I know it nonetheless.  I change lanes and look over at the Truck as I move to get off the freeway and catch the words written on the side of the truck: “Reaching Higher.”   LOL – Literally, I laugh out loud.

This laughter, snaps me out of it and I “think” really?   I then think: “Just get your ass to work and be a normal person for 8 hours!”   But, then I slip into questioning my highest self:  was it really Jesus that came to me that day?  Does this string with all its symbolism really mean what I think it means?  I continue driving in silence.   I make a left and I look over and the letters of the licence plate of the car beside me catch my attention:  FROM J2D.  I repeat it … From J2D.  From J2D.  Then, it goes: From Jesus to D?  Then, From Jesus to Thee.

Me:  Okay, Got it.  Thank you.

Now, I get it, most non-believers “think” a story like this is simply crazy ridiculous and that’s ok.  What I have to say isn’t for you.

This is simply an example of how Divine Guidance comes in for people like me.  The way you know it’s Divine Guidance is because:  Divine Guidance always triggers something within that inspires you to explore, expand and grow into the most excellent version or expression of your (true) self.  That’s how you know.  It always inspires you to be and do better.

This post is for the believers who have and do – have experiences like this.   This is for those that KNOW that the Divine does not play by our rules and limitations.  The Divine will bet a message to us whatever way it needs to.

I am told we need to share our stories with each other more.  The more we do the stronger the Divine Frequency becomes upon this planet…so here’s mine from this morning.

Have a story?    Leave it in the comment below or send it to me privately though the contact tab.  I would love to hear about it.

Remember: You are a bridge between heaven and earth.

Trust what you know and ask yourself the question of the day:  Is this really the best you can do?

That’s all for now.


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