I AM…the words that woke me this morning.  Followed by this:
We are One Universal Consciousness.  One body of energy.  The AM (Ascended Masters) are part of this and they were conscious of it while they lived life.  They held and still hold the vibration…the frequency they held while living.  They are like a portal or a doorway which they hold open to assist us.  We can access these portals or doorways because we are part of this energetic body of consciousness aka God.  We can tap in and access to gain the specific strength they exemplified  while living.

I AM sure this message comes from Jesus because when I close my eyes that is who I see.  I almost thought he had wings but he does not.  It is just that he has many angels behind him and around him.  His vibe is calm, cool and collected.  He embodies the Peace of God so well…and gives me the impression that it IS because he was and forever will be “a piece” of God.  He states that his demonstration of this Peace was but one example of what is possible for us.  One example of what is possible for us to Be.

Then “thoughts” start to creep into my mind – AM I “really” seeing and hearing Jesus?  Yes.  AM I fearful?  No – I AM fearful no more.  At this moment I AM filled with the awareness that I am in the presence of Jesus and the many angels that surround him.

I am told that Jesus and the angels surround us always.  Then I hear – crisp and clear: “How clearly can you see with you eyes closed?” and I AM hit hard with emotion that my tears well up in my eyes…and start to flow and will not stop as I write this out…

I realize that it was Jesus that said those words to me 7 months ago…before this ability to draw these visions came to be.  I ask – Is it the voice of Jesus that I’ve been hearing all along?  No, There are many that have Ascended and are helping.

“The Voice” states that we all have gifts that remain like asleep until awakened.  Followed by: Do not be afraid.  There is nothing to fear.  You are loved and protected always.  You are a beloved child of God as I AM. – Jesus Christ

Then I was given this visual:








Take it as you will but I AM getting the impression that history has had it all wrong.

Be Peace,


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