Archangel Azreal

ArchAngel Azreal: The name this ArchAngel goes by is no mistake,  Az-real, sometimes referred to as The Angel of Death. Appropriate too…for Death is the greatest illusion of all.  “There is no Death.  There is only Life”.  – ArchAngel Azreal

People look away when this Archangel comes close…because it looks so dark.

“You have all become so conditioned to fear the dark.  This is only because you have forgotten that you are the light”.  – ArchAngel Azreal

Azreal’s color is not black, it is a deep deep beautiful purple.  This angel comes near when there is the need to release old unreleased pain, grief or sadness.  Azreal assists this energy back to the Divine Frequency, where it belongs.

This Archangel also does indeed assist us when we are ready to release the body at the time of death.  This Divine Archangel  assists the Soul/Thee Divine Life Force as it transitions back to the Divine energetic realm or frequency after we leave the body.

There is no depth of darkness that this Archangel will not enter to escort us back. He knows the darkness is not real.  He knows the lost have taken it to be real, as real, az-real.  Hench the Archangel’s name.

The following comes in with a special emphasis to those who have worried that their loved ones were in a dark place when they died.  “All souls are always accounted for.  All are in the heavenly realm”,  – ArchAngel Azreal

*ArchAngel Azreal:  One who helps God, Azreal goes into the darkness to bring back all the souls that suffer or become lost because they “think therefore believed” it “as real”.

Here are a few drawings:  The first is when this energy first came in.   I thought it was really messy at the time.  I felt this energy again yesterday, so I drew it again because it was my sister’s birthday and this is her ArchAngel.  I really liked the drawing and sent her a text to shower her  (I still like that one best LOL) but,  i kept seeing the heart and rose twirling with the Archangel’s beautiful purple color.  I resisted for as long as possible, then I gave in and added the color.  I then sat back and thought – “Crap, it looks like a big mess…”again”.  “I should have just left it alone”.  The third picture is what became clear while I sat with the shitty feeling that the thought “I messed it up” was making me feel inside.


Moral of the story:  Fear Not.  Follow and Listen.  Pay attention to how your own thoughts make you feel inside.  Take the time to look beyond the surface.  There is beauty underneath and between it all.


This post is dedicated to my sister Jen:

Yesterday you said: I think I work for him.  He says: he works for you and says thank you.  He says this rose is for you.  Go figure…lol.

Love you sis!  Ey…It is what it is.

Happy Birthday!


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