Becoming an Artist for the Divine

I AM finally taking some time to write out the latest in this crazy life of mine:  “Becoming an Artist for the Divine.”  I’ve been an artist for 5 months now and I have drawn well over 100 visions which include Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Light Beings, Spirit Guides, The Holy Order (Healer Angels – that I was not previously aware existed), and of course My BadAss Divinely Patient Guide!  Here’s my story of how it happened:
It all started the week of June 20th, 2016.  I was telling my husband about the latest vision and message I had received.  Followed by how much I wished I could get these visions out of my head.  I told him I really needed to find an artist that would listen to me and draw out what I describe.  I said, maybe they can draw my Guide too!
He asked: Why don’t you draw him?  Have you tried?  Me: Of course I’ve tried. I’ve tried many times, stick figures is the extent of my artistic ability.  He then brought me a piece of paper and a pencil and said try.  So, to humor him, I took a moment to get centered and gave it my best shot.  When I was done, he said: Let me see.  I really didn’t want to show him because it looked like the ghost from the Pac Man video game!  He took one look and started to laugh and walked off.
I then proceeded to crinkle it into a ball while simultaneously yelling at my guides and angels (in my head of course) “HOW IN THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO RELAY THESE MESSAGES IF I CAN’T GET THESE VISIONS ON PAPER?!  PEOPLE NEED A VISUAL. WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH!  I then thought: Screw this and decided to protest (not listen) again and went to bed mad.
The next morning “the voice” woke me up with: How clearly can you see with your eyes closed?  Me: Thinking – What the heck?  That’s an odd question but I kept my eyes closed and looked. To my amazement visions of angels started to flow in one after the other.  I then heard:  Try Chalk.  I jumped out of bed and immediately proceeded to order chalk and paper which was delivered in 2 days, thanks to Amazon Prime!  I let the package sit on my desk for the rest of the week unopened.  On Sunday June 26th, my husband said: Are you going to open that package?  Why are you stalling?  (He can be so annoying at times….LOL)
Truth is, I was stalling.  I simply didn’t want to be disappointed.

I decided to open it and try to draw something.  I closed my eyes and saw Mother Mary show up before me as she has many times before.  I drew her.  I then drew 3 more angels.  I was a chalk drawing fool for the next 4 days!  I filled up one entire wall of my bedroom!  My husband (a little annoyed at our new wall paper) asked: How many more of these angels are you planning on drawing?  Me: Thinking “planning?” – as if I have a plan?!  My answer: I will draw as many as I can, as they show up!

Thankfully, we were leaving town to visit my Sister/Brother-in-law for the Fourth of July weekend.  We were definitely in needed of a little break.
While enjoying a relaxing time with family, my husband gets this bright idea: Let’s go for a ride down the river.  Me: Really?  I agreed with conditions: A water proof case for my phone, my own kayak and a life vest.  He agreed.  So off we went to purchase this stuff and prepare for our morning adventure!  Morning came and on the way to our launch spot cousin Arnold and George (brother-in-law) started giving us instructions: Stay to the left, if your kayak fills up go to the side and let the water out and whatever you do – Don’t loose your ore! Me: Got it.
We get to the spot and while my husband and I are lathering on the sunblock, George goes to test out one of our kayaks and proceeds to tip over and fall into the river!  Me: Laughing, saying to my husband, George just fell out of the kayak!  Is that a bad sign?  We laughed it off and we launched.  Oh…how lovely this little adventure started out to be…nice and calm a beautiful.
Then…the river got wider, the water got a bit rougher and we got water in our kayaks. We followed instructions, maneuvered to the side of the river and emptied out the water. As I went to step back into my kayak I notice two feathers next to it, time slowed down (like it does when I start to receive Divine Guidance) and I started to see colors in the water.  This stopped me in my tracks.  I became still in order to pay attention/listen…when all of a sudden a bird literally flew at me and then flew off!  I looked over at my husband and asked: Was that a hummingbird?  He said: No it wasn’t, it was a small bird.
I said: I’m not sure if that’s a good sign or not.  I then noticed the sound of rushing water and asked him if he could hear what I was hearing.  He said: Yeah, I was just noticing that.  We were pretty much in the middle of nowhere so we got back on the river.
Word to the Wise: The flow of a river is in control.  If you are not experienced or do not have a guide with you, stay out of rushing water!
The river really got going and I (silently) ask God, mother nature, my guides and angels to help us.  It was intense to say the least.  We could see the river start to separate into 3 ways to go up ahead and we remembered to stay to the left.  Faster and faster the river carried us down.  My husband “Mr Professional Kayak Man” weaving in and out of tree branches, with me close behind doing my best to follow.  Next thing I knew, I started heading straight for a branch!  I leaned over a bit to avoid getting my head knocked off when another branch caught my kayak and flipped me out!
Off went my kayak and my adventure hat (loved that hat!).  I somehow held tight to my ore as I came up for air in a panic. I grabbed a hold of the back of my husbands kayak but my legs were hitting rocks and I simply couldn’t hold on.  My grip slipped  and off I went at the mercy of the river.  I was somehow able to stop on a high spot, rushing water up to my thighs.  It was rushing so fast that I had to stand sideways to remain standing.  My legs shaking, I knew I could not do this for much longer.
I (silently) asked: What should I do?  Let go and go with the flow or? Then I heard “the voice” loud and clear “DON’T MOVE”.  It was so loud that it scared me to my core. I yelled (((Sam)))!  Then I see my husband running up the side of the embankment.  He yelled for me to reach my ore out to him.  I tried but he was too far away to reach it!  I (silently) asked: please help me!  I have no idea how…but he got a hold of it and pulled me out of the river!  He won’t admit it, but he literally saved my life that day.  (While he went around the bend, out of sight, I was dragged under water and I experienced that “slow motion moment” that many have talked about.  I thought: Wow, so this is how I go, I drown in a river?)  I have absolutely no doubt about it.  If he had not been there to pull me out when he did….I would have drowned.
We then had to climb a hill, climb through a barbwire fence to get to the road above.  Me: Happy as can be because HELLO!  I’M ALIVE!  Him: stressing because we lost a brand new kayak and we are now stranded on the other side of the river from where we were supposed to be picked up.  It’s also way past the time that we should have been at our pick up location. Our family was going to think we drowned!
We walked  to the top of the road and all we could see was that the road ahead was long.  The whole time we were walking, we were trying to call to let everyone know we are ok but we couldn’t get reception.  (There’s no reception in the boonies!)  I sensed that my husband was getting worried so I said: ok, what do we really need and want at this moment?  Be clear and specific.  He took a deep breath and said: We need and want reception.  I said: ok and like two little wet rats…we huddled together and  asked, the power much greater than our own, for reception.  Guess what?!  We got it!  His phone made a noise!  He got reception!!   He called his sister, let her know we were ok and we lost reception again.
There is more to this funny episode but to make this already long story short, I lost my fear in the river that day.  Before this event, when I would start to see a vision literally appear before my eyes, (at first starting out as sparks in the air or a string of sparkling light then a smoky white shadow of a figure) I would become frozen with fear.  This usually happened when I was in bed.  I’d throw the covers over my head and scoot real close to my husband and silently pray to God “Please don’t let them scare me, I really don’t want to see dead people!  I’m crazy enough as it is, hearing all the things I hear!”
Nowadays, I am woken up by beautiful sparks of light and I simply watch as they flow in and appear before me.  I get out of bed and go sit with my paper and draw them out.  As crazy as this is going to sound…they start to show up on the paper and I just help bring them out.  I’m using colored pencils now because chalk started to get too messy so I asked for a better option.  They suggested colored pencils and it’s working!
While drawing on one fine morning (feeling overwhelmed with emotion, because the energetic frequency I feel within my body when I draw is nothing less than Divine AND…my words will NEVER be big enough for how grateful I AM to draw these visions) I (silently) asked: Why now?  Why am I all of a sudden able to draw these vision when I have tried for over 40 years to do so?  And…It wasn’t very nice of me to yell about not being able to draw.  The answer:  “We felt your struggle Dear One (that’s what they call us) but we all celebrated because you finally ASKED for help.  Your prior attempts to draw were by your effort alone.  “Ask and you shall receive…This is Divine Law and WHENEVER you ASK for help to BE of Service to another, The Divine Realm…will always flow in and assist.”  So darn simple and a concept I have heard and know as truth.  Ask and You Shall Receive.  I never asked for help to draw…go figure.
Knowing Truth is one thing, but it must be applied to bring results.  And that my friends is the point of my sharing this episode of my life with you.  Ask for help!  There is an entire Divine Realm ready and willing to assist us with everything but we have to Ask!
It is my honor to share this episode with all who read this. It is an even greater honor to share these vision: These little glimpses of the Beings that reside within the Divine Heavenly Realm, which I know with every cell of my being to be our soul family….that never stops trying to remind us of, who we really are, where we really come from, and guide us…Home.

Pictures taken on this beautiful day in this crazy life of mine:

The picture on the bottom right, where I’m stating that I am determined to capture the metaphysical realm was taken on our drive in.  LOL (Careful what you wish for people!) The picture to the left is of cousin Arnold looking for my missing kayak LOL!  Never found it…and that little group to the left of that one…is a quick scetch of the ones that have been with me since birth…eternally grateful for their presence and continued guidance.

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