A Day in the Life of a Girl like Me

I was running late to pick up my God-Daughter, because I took the time to draw out a vision of an angel that was presenting itself before me this morning.  I simply couldn’t resist.  The vibe was too intensely beautiful not to.  So much so that it brought me to tears as I watched it somehow come through my pencils onto the paper.  Once done, I wiped my tears and thought “crap, late for work for the 5th time in 5 days.  I grabbed my bag and headed out. On my way to go pick her up (in a rush) I took a “wrong” turn.   As I turned down her street 3 to 4 blocks away, I thought WTF did I take the long way?  As I approached the stop sign of the street that I should have taken…I saw this 444:

444Message: Your Angels are surrounding you, supporting you, loving you.  I take a pic and silently say, got the message Thank you.




My beautiful God Baby gets in the car and I share the pic with her.  333We turn the corner and end up behind this truck 333:
Message: The Ascended Masters are supporting you and appreciate your efforts.   I smile and silently say, got the message Thank you.


Then this 111:  111Message: Keep your thoughts focused on what you truly need and want in your Life…for your thoughts are manifesting at a very fast rate.   I silently say, got the message Thank you.



222We get on the freeway and end up behind this 222:  Message: Stay focused, you will soon see the fruits of all your hard work.  Now it’s just so delightful and amusing!

I silently say, got the message Thank you.  (Thank goodness she was able to be my photographer this morning!)   We had such a beautiful discussion about the Angels and how Divine Guidance works and supports us though living this amazing power called “Life”.


She asked “so it’s all not just some weird coincidence?”  To which I respond “coincidence” is how God (The Divine energy that IS Life) speaks to us.

Finally, I get to work and as I’m walking toward the bldg…313 then another 313.  Coincidence?  Yeah…pull my other leg!  313 1313

313: Message: Lean upon the positive and loving energies of the Ascended Masters who are surrounding you right now.  They are helping to lift your thoughts to higher levels of happy living.  To which I silently say, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.



I’m in tears as I type out this little story to share how Divine Guidance works with you – and I AM reminded of a conversation I had with my husband last night.

He stated that he worries about me at times and just wants to make sure I’m ok, because he sees me in tears pretty often these days.  I know it must not be easy to be married to someone like me.  One who feels, hears, and sees what most do not.  Imagine what it’s like to actually BE the one who feels, hears, and sees what most do not.  It’s everything but…easy.  I’m sure you would be in tears too!

It simply is what it is and I AM better than okay these days…because I AM finally All In.

I AM so deeply grateful that by The Grace of God, I have, all of a sudden, been given the ability to draw this Divine Realm that I have been talking about for so very long.  No more stick figures for this girl!

I have been drawing for a month now and I can hardly believe it myself..and I AM a Deep Believer!  LOL  So, It’s official – I AM an Artist!   Ha!  Ask and you shall receive.  I’ll tell you the story about how and why I asked in another post but for Now:

It is my honor and privilege to present the Divine Angel that came through this morning:  One of the many coming forward at this time. They specifically state that they are “The Angels of Thy Holy Order”:  God’s inner circle of Angels currently coming forth to assist the Healing of Humanity.  Call upon them, they are Your Angels, coming forth to help You Heal inside and out.  Looking forward to sharing them all with you soon!

May you all be blessed with Divine Health and Happiness…Por Vida.Angels of Thy Holy Order


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